Fabric Finishes

The following finishes are offered on many of our fabrics to enhance their performance, allow for stain resistance and ease of cleaning.

Moisture Barriers can be applied to a number of our fabrics as outlined below. Moisture barriers are often used for projects requiring protection from liquids, such as hospitals, restaurants, public hospitality and educational areas. These state-of-the art, breathable liquid barriers safeguard cushions, fabric, and furniture.


Crypton Green® is a fabric that is permanently transformed with stain and microbial protection through an immersion process, and provides an impenetrable moisture barrier that protects the fabric from spills..


Ease® is a stain repellant finish that is applied to the yarns at the mill. It is not an after-treatment or a spray-on finish. Because it is part of the fabric itself, Ease offers unparalleled water and oil repellency with the added bonus of stain-release technology. Ease is PFOA (Perfluoroctanoic Acid) / PFOC (Perfluoroctanoic Carbon) free.


GreenShield® is a low-fluorocarbon based finish that is chemically bound to the fiber of the fabric. The nanoparticle technology provides water and oil repellancy and stain resistance in a single finish. GreenShield does not change the fabrics natural look or feel.


Defend® is a breathable Moisture Barrier that can be added to textiles sold standard with GreenShield. Contact Customer Service for pricing.


Crypton INCASE™ is an advanced stain and microbial-resistant finish. INCASE™ works at the molecular level to increase surface tension, making liquids immediately roll away. INCASE™ allows both oil and water based stains to easily release from the fabric when cleaned. It's perfect for when you need to resist spills, stains, odors and microbes, but do not require a moisture barrier.