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Sutton Arm Chair

Carlesi & Tonelli

Sutton has a stylish, soft angular silhouette creating a contemporary style. With several chair options to choose from, your space can be transformed by this complementary seating. Great for libraries, offices, lobbies, waiting areas and collaborative spaces.

8202-100O<br>Sutton Arm Chair<br>Metal Frame with Solid Wood Legs
Sutton Arm Chair
Metal Frame with Solid Wood Legs
COM: $1,345

Pricing, Options + Specifications

8202-102<br>Sutton Arm Chair<br>Polished Aluminum
Sutton Arm Chair
Polished Aluminum
COM: $1,405

Pricing, Options + Specifications

8202-L17<br>Sutton Arm Chair<br>Pedestal Swivel Wood
Sutton Arm Chair
Pedestal Swivel Wood
COM: $1,450

Pricing, Options + Specifications


Natural WF01

Chocolate WF03

Espresso WF04

Paprika WF07

White Satin WF09

Black Satin WF11

Light Natural WF21

Medium Walnut WF22

Dark Walnut WF23

Drift Wood WF24

Matte Weathered Grey WF25


Polished Satin Aluminum Base

Carlesi & Tonelli

The CarlesiTonelli studio was set up in 2004 by Davide Carlesi and Gian Luca Tonelli, who put together their experiences and different backgrounds in industrial design. It is based on a dynamic approach, characterized by rigor of drawing, essential style, technical research, and a great sense of humor.