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Carmen Lounge

PBD Studio

The moment you are seated, Carmen may quickly become the most treasured chair in your space. With its soft cupped seat, arm support and contoured interior, Carmen is one of the most supportive and sturdy lounge chairs on the market. Provide value and luxu

650-R13<br>Carmen Lounge<br>Pedestal Swivel Chrome
Carmen Lounge
Pedestal Swivel Chrome
COM: $2,430

Pricing, Options + Specifications

650-L21<br>Carmen Lounge<br>Pedestal Swivel Wood
Carmen Lounge
Pedestal Swivel Wood
COM: $2,485

Pricing, Options + Specifications

650-R13-SR<br>Carmen Lounge<br>Pedestal Chrome Swivel with Self Return
Carmen Lounge
Pedestal Chrome Swivel with Self Return
COM: $2,590

Pricing, Options + Specifications

650-R13B-SR<br>Carmen Lounge<br>Pedestal Matte Black Metal Swivel with Self Return
Carmen Lounge
Pedestal Matte Black Metal Swivel with Self Return
COM: $2,640

Pricing, Options + Specifications


Natural WF01

Chocolate WF03

Espresso WF04

Paprika WF07

White Satin WF09

Black Satin WF11

Light Natural WF21

Medium Walnut WF22

Dark Walnut WF23

Drift Wood WF24

Matte Weathered Grey WF25


Polished Chrome Metal Base

Matte Black Metal Base

PBD Studio

Since 1993 Paul Brayton and the design team at PBD Studio has been inspired by modern European design and detailed craftsmanship. Each PBD Studio piece is built to emphasize innovative style, clean lines, quality craftsmanship and is made in the U.S.A.