Separating Light


  • In 1666 Isaac Newton realized white light was made up of a rainbow of colors when he passed a narrow beam of light through a prism onto a wall. Capturing the essense of light separated inspired the development of Prizm.

  • Composition concepts that reflect the stripes created by separated light were designed. Geometric and linear designs were the most graphic and appealing. These were layered with elements that contrasted in color and direction and added another dimension to the two dimensional stripes.

    Size of the repeat was tested on 3D forms increasing the scale until the the form of the composition and and graphic elements became balanced.

  • Color palettes initally focused on the rainbow effect creted by prisms but were later edited to create families of mostly pure color. These separate and distinct palettes allowed for coordination with solids on single pieces or within the compostion of a whole room.

  • The objective for design was to keep performance on par with composition and color. Recycled Solution Dyed Nylon, Rayon were combined with a Crypton Incase finish so Prizm could be used in high traffic contract, hospitality and healthcare environments.

  • The mill provided dozens of development rolls for testing the performance of color fastness, rouble rubs, flammability and cleanability. In addition to performance Prizm was closely elvaluated for application.

  • Applying test rolls to a variety of seating designs gave our cutters, sewers and upholsterers confidence Prizm would deliver a superb final product. The designers at Paul Brayton Designs give the final ok before the launch of every design and Prizm met their spectrum of expections from design to performance and application.